Mitigate Risks, Maximize Lifespan: WS Aiken’s Building Envelope System

We believe in a simplified, programmatic approach to building envelope asset management. Our team of professionals will help you implement a sustainability program to:

  • Extend the life of building systems
  • Reduce emergency spending and reactive repairs Extend the time between capital renewals/replacements
  • Lowered risks of hazards that can cause injury and property damage
  • Lower your total cost ownership
  • Peace of mind; knowing that your buildings are better cared for

Defender Shield

Proactive Cleaning, Inspection & Maintenance - Building Envelope Management, Simplified
Fight back against the weather.

A proactive cadence of seasonal cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and asset management actions will keep your buildings resilient and protected.

Maintenance work is performed during each scheduled service visit and focuses on repairing small deficiencies that can be immediately fixed. For example field technicians may patch small holes in an EPDM roof, caulk open seams, replace a broken slate tile or wood shingle, fix a bracket, install new flashing, etc.

Experienced technicians will survey and document the condition of your building envelope systems and components using a proprietary field software application that streamlines and automates the data collection process.

Defender Shield℠ prevents minor issues from becoming major problems by taking proactive action. With our program you will experience:

  • Improved building envelope performance
  • Reduced repairs and failures
  • Extended building envelope asset life
  • Lowered risks of hazards that can cause personal injury and property damage
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Hazard Defender℠

Predictive Maintenance to Secure Your Investments

Protecting the backbone of your commercial property requires more than just occasional checks—it demands proactive defense against hazards that can compromise your building’s integrity. Enter Hazard Defender. Our solution doesn’t just manage; it actively prevents the escalation of problems that can shorten the lifespan of your building systems.

Hazard Defender℠ is a proprietary solution to catalog building envelope assets and streamline management of repairs & replacement through intelligent prioritization based upon a combination of data + insights.

Through meticulous, regular inspections, we identify potential vulnerabilities in your building’s envelope. This foresight ensures you don’t merely react to problems but anticipate and prevent them. With our comprehensive building envelope management system, every maintenance action is not just recorded—it’s strategized.

Collect, catalog and track survey information in the WS Aiken SURESight℠ database for asset management and decision-making purposes.

Analysis is done post inspection using WS Aiken’s Hazard Levels rating system.


Extremely dangerous conditions that present immediate risk of injury from falling objects, illness from mold, or severe water intrusion and destruction of valuable assets



Hazardous conditions that risk damage to building structure from falling objects or serious moisture saturation



Damage that, if unchecked, will become a level 4 or 5 hazard; imminent risk of moisture infiltration that can shorten the life of the roof



Deterioration, debris build-up, and other maintenance issues that will worsen if unchecked; inadequate protection against moisture that can shorten the life of the roof



Routine wear-and-tear, seasonal build-up of debris; need for regular cleaning and maintenance to protect against moisture

A 3-year plan is created for asset managers to prioritize their maintenance spend. Projects are planned in advance to cover budget, ideal timing, and optimal outcomes.

Efficient asset management requires frequent monitoring and inspection of assets and individual components to ensure their physical and functional fitness, and to identify the items that are most worthy of the limited funds for capital renewal.

Beyond just maintenance, think building lifespan. As a marker of forward-thinking building management, we empower you to monitor and refine your preventative maintenance plan, highlighting any inefficiencies tied to envelope issues. The result? Lower costs and smooth operations.

Our SURESight℠ system provides instant access to every service record and contract detail, eliminating any guesswork. And with ever-changing regulatory landscapes, our deep knowledge keeps you in constant compliance.

Invest in the future of your building. Ensure longevity, boost energy efficiency, and prevent the unseen problems that can erode your property’s value. With Hazard Defender and our unparalleled expertise, your building isn’t just preserved—it’s future-proofed.

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Pantheon Program℠

Complex Building Envelope Management, Simplified

For customers with large campuses or many buildings, we offer the Pantheon Program℠. It is a Multi-year, building envelope maintenance management program intended for larger portfolios of facilities with a mix of building types and building envelope systems.

Our simplified, programmatic approach to building envelope asset management will help you implement a sustainability program to prioritize and prepare for repairs to your building envelope assets. Preparation reduces reactive spending and encourages you to tackle the right repairs at the right time.

The Pantheon Enterprise Building Envelope Management solution is powered by SURESight℠, our GIS-enabled web + mobile application for building asset management and predictive maintenance.

SURESight℠ provides facility owners the ability to manage building system inventory, condition assessments, and ongoing building system data within one central location.

We believe in a simplified, programmatic approach to building envelope asset management. Giving building owners and facility managers the tools they need to make better decisions about building maintenance that result in the best long-term use of resources.

Each building has its story, systems, and unique set of challenges.

We get it — the modern portfolio manager juggles an array of responsibilities from historic townhouses to cutting-edge commercial hubs. With the weight of diverse maintenance needs, regulatory standards, and stakeholder expectations, you need a partner who sees the bigger picture, understands the finer details, and delivers seamlessly. That’s where we come in.

Mastering the Diversity of Systems:From commercial high-rises to historic brownstones, we're well-versed in the intricacies of building envelope management. Our expertise ensures each asset in your portfolio is cataloged, inspected, and meticulously maintained.

Navigating Regulatory Labyrinths:Sleep soundly, knowing we're on top of every local regulation, safety code, and energy mandate. Compliance? Consider it handled.

Consistent Excellence. Every Time:Quality isn’t variable. Regardless of the property type, age, or use, expect top-tier materials & service consistently.

Tackling Age & Lifespan Head-On:Whether managing an architectural gem from the 1800s or a state-of-the-art facility, we bridge the old with the new, preserving the charm while integrating modern solutions.

Geography? No Barrier:Sprawling portfolio? Multiple locations? Urban centers and remote locales? We've got you covered. Our logistical prowess ensures timely, quality maintenance, irrespective of location.

One Platform, All Solutions:Fragmented tech systems can be a drag. We offer integrated solutions tailored to diverse portfolios, ensuring unified, efficient management.

Trusted Historical Insight:Our teams delve into the unique maintenance histories of each property, crafting strategies that aren't just about the present, but are rooted in the past and aimed at a sustainable future.

Resource Allocation Perfected:Your buildings aren’t uniform, and neither is our approach. We channel resources, personnel, and expertise exactly where they're needed most.

Balanced & Prioritized Maintenance:Emergencies can throw off even the best-laid plans. Our agile approach means we pivot as needed, without compromising on scheduled upkeep.

Transparent Communication, Always:Stakeholders, tenants, officials—we keep everyone in the loop. With us, you're not just informed; you're empowered.

Your portfolio deserves more than just maintenance—it deserves mastery. Dive into a partnership built on expertise, trust, craftsmanship, and unparalleled service.

Connecting Facility Needs with Financial Goals

Our team of professionals will help you develop a predictive maintenance program that:

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  • Extends the life of building systems
  • Reduces emergency spending and reactive repairs
  • Extends the time between capital renewals/replacements
  • Lowers your total cost ownership
  • Streamlines life cycle management

Play Offense Not Defense!

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In the game of asset management, a defensive stance can be costly. With WS Aiken, we arm you with proactive solutions that not only guard against risks but actively drive asset longevity and reduce unnecessary expenses. Curious? Get in the game with our complimentary Onsite assessment. No catches, just clarity.

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  • System health
  • Best outcomes
  • Value engineered solutions
  • Potential risks
  • Strategic plans

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