The Envelope

Simply put, the building envelope is the boundary between the interior and the exterior

Consisting of the façade and roof systems, it provides layers of protection and helps maintain the integrity of the structure while keeping out air and water. Often overlooked, the building envelope is vital to the performance, efficiency and overall well-being of a facility.

We develop a sustainable investment plan with clients that proactively manages the life cycle of building envelope assets

This approach positively impacts the financial health of an organization by reducing the overall spend on facility assets by extending life cycles, and reducing deferred maintenance and capital expenditures.

Extending the Life Cycle of Your Building Envelope.

Asset Protection, Simplified

WS Aiken is one of the oldest, locally-owned, specialty contractors in the Boston metro area.

For more than 100 years we have worked with commercial, institutional, and industrial customers to maintain, repair, and install building envelope systems including roofing, architectural sheet metal, historic buildings, gutters, skylights, and masonry.

  • Decrease deferred maintenance backlogs
  • Extend the serviceable life of envelope systems
  • Implement systems with the best lifecycle value
  • Engage our highly-trained craftsmen and technicians
  • Leverage the power of predictive maintenance
  • Mitigate risks, maximize lifespan

We can help you

If you have a high-profile facility or campus with demanding requirements, special architectural needs, or highly complex building envelope systems, then you have found the right company. Our customers include a who’s who of universities, hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, historic sites, museums, and residential buildings.

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Rapid Repairs, Reliable Results:

WS Aiken's Reactive Repair Program

Turn Disruptions Around with Quick-Fix Solutions.

For Emergency Repairs, our goal is to quickly mobilize a crew to diagnose and fix problems. If the problem is major, such as wind damage to an entire section of a building, we can dispatch multiple crews to the job site, and if necessary, send an installation team to perform work should a system replacement be required.

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If building envelope systems are not routinely inspected and maintained, they can quickly deteriorate until one day the system is over-stressed and literally bursts. We call this type of failure a “POP”. At this point a building owner has limited options, basically a major repair or potentially a full replacement.

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Mitigate Risks, Maximize Lifespan:

WS Aiken’s Building Envelope Program

Forecast, Protect, and Prolong with Defender Shield℠.

Most building owners take a reactive approach to managing the building envelope, so issues are almost always surprises. Once a repair is made it is natural to assume all is better and then wait with fingers crossed rather than consider a different strategy.

What happens next? New hazards fester, and then another problem.

WS Aiken has developed an effective method to break this cycle; to identify and evaluate potential POPS, prevent them, and take corrective action before they grow in size or severity.

By adopting a proactive and predictive approach to managing repairs and replacements, organizations can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns, extend the life of building systems and components, and optimize their maintenance budgets over a multi-year budget cycle.

  • Reduce risks of building component hazards that can cause property damage
  • Decrease component failures and prevent future problems
  • Find and fix leaks before they increase in size and severity
  • Extend building envelope system and component asset life
  • Improve building envelope performance
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Over a Century of Excellence: WS Aiken's Journey Since 1908

WS Aiken has a long and rich history in the roofing industry. The company was founded in 1908, and since then, it has been providing high-quality roofing and building envelope management services to clients across various industries. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for its expertise in high-compliance, high-profile buildings including some of the most historic landmarks in America. With over a century of experience, WS Aiken has evolved with the latest advancements in construction + technology. The company has a unique blend of technology and people, with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with Industry-leading services.

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Is a technical career at WS Aiken right for you?

We are always looking for technicians and mechanics who will work on customer sites maintaining, repairing, and installing commercial roofing, architectural sheet metal, and other building envelope systems.

Competitive wages, sign-on bonuses, full benefits package, career advancement, ongoing training, stable employment environment with a
wide variety of installation and service work to keep you busy year round.

Entry level or experienced, we have high paying openings right now in our Service and Installation departments.

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