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New System Installation

For full replacement projects such as installing a new roof or skylights, WS Aiken has two main options that customers can select from: Traditional System Installation or the "Eagle's Beak"
Design-Build Installation.

Traditional Design-Bid-Build System Installation

An architect or specialty engineering firm develops plans and specifications for the building envelope system replacement and then the project is put out to bid.  The customer typically pays up front for the system design, specifications and bid documents. Depending on the complexity of the project and the firm performing the design work, this process can take several weeks or many months. Qualified trade contractors then bid on the project either directly to the owner or through a General Contractor. In addition, the owner may hire a Project Manager to oversee the project.


WS Aiken works with many A&E firms and general contractors, completing over 100 projects each year using the traditional design-bid-build approach.  If you need a recommendation for an A&E company or general contractor, contact us and we can provide referrals.


WS Aiken will work alongside the A&E firm and General Contractor to provide design assistance, constructability reviews and project value engineering to make sure a top performing project is developed and designed.


While we do not win every project that we bid, if awarded the project, you can be assured that all work will be performed as specified, with experienced, professional installers backed by a full system warranty for labor and materials where applicable.

Eagle's Beak Installation

The second approach follows a design-build delivery model and is named after the unique project development and implementation method we have perfected over the past decade. All work is performed on a turnkey basis where the system design, specifications, scheduling, procurement, materials handling, site conditions, subcontracting, installation, warranty and post project maintenance is all managed by WS Aiken.


Because WS Aiken is responsible for developing and installing the scope of work, the customer does not pay a separate firm for design or project management services. This results in a  seamless project experience with a single point of accountability and no excuses or finger pointing. Eagle’s Beak projects are developed and implemented faster (up to 2X the speed) and typically at 15%-20% lower cost compared to traditional specification and bidding practices. 

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Strategic Restoration

In certain situations, it is possible to avoid immediate, full system replacement by employing Strategic Restoration techniques. This requires significant planning, application design, and value engineering work. The focus is on upgrading major sections, subsystems and components of a building envelope shell in phases over a multi-year period. The result is a “like new” installation, but with the investment spread over time to make it more affordable. 

Pantheon Program℠
Total Building Envelope Management

For customers with sizeable campuses or many buildings, we offer the Pantheon Program℠.  It is a Multi-year, building envelope maintenance management program intended for larger portfolios of facilities with a mix of building types and building envelope systems. 


It Includes:

  • Reactive repairs and on-demand emergency service

  • Proactive cleaning, inspection & maintenance (Defender Shield™)

  • Data Collection & Insights (SURESight℠ database)

  • Planned repairs (Hazard Defender℠)

  • Strategic Restoration work

  • Design-Build System Installation (Eagle’s Beak)

  • Program Management services

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Thank you for your interest in WS Aiken.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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