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24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Service

Extreme weather in Massachusetts can cause unforeseen damages to the most robust of building shells. We have a large service team with highly skilled and experienced field technicians that quickly respond to customer repair requests. 

For Emergency Repairs, our goal is to quickly mobilize a crew to diagnose and fix problems. If the problem is major, for example wind damage to an entire section of a building, we can dispatch multiple crews to the job site, and if necessary, send an installation team to perform work should a system replacement be required. 

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

If the building envelope system is not routinely inspected and maintained, it can quickly deteriorate until one day the system is over-stressed and literally bursts. We call this type of failure a "POP".  At this point a building owner has limited options, basically a major repair or potentially a full replacement.

Most building owners take a reactive approach to managing the building envelope, so POPS are almost always surprises.  We frequently hear comments like “I had no idea there was even a problem until I saw water damage on the ceiling/wall”.


Once a repair is made it is natural to assume all is better and then wait with fingers crossed rather than consider a different strategy.  

What happens next? New hazards fester and then another POP.

WS Aiken has developed an effective method to break this cycle; to identify and evaluate potential POPS, prevent them, and take corrective action before they grow in size or severity.

The "Five-Hazard Levels" Rating Methodology

The assessment methodology we follow considers both condition and risk.  Data output is simplified using a five-level hazard rating system along with common hazard types (e.g., falling slate, moisture intrusion, system failure, unsecure components, component deterioration etc.).

Recommendations are easy to understand and based on decades of actual field experience using real-world cost figures

Hazard Defender℠

Hazard Defender℠ is a service that uses information collected during maintenance visits and catalogued in the SURESight℠ Database along with expert recommendations to proactively plan for future repair or replacement projects, up to 3 years in advance. Potential project work is identified by WS Aiken and then reviewed with customers using the 5 Hazard Levels rating system. For high priority projects, a full scope of work and budget is developed and the work is scheduled for implementation during ideal construction windows. WS Aiken assumes full responsibility for the project work including solution design, materials procurement, labor and warranty.  

Pantheon Program℠
Total Building Envelope Management

For customers with sizeable campuses or many buildings, we offer the Pantheon Program℠.  It is a Multi-year, building envelope maintenance management program intended for larger portfolios of facilities with a mix of building types and building envelope systems. 


It Includes:

  • Reactive repairs and on-demand emergency service

  • Proactive cleaning, inspection & maintenance (Defender Shield™)

  • Data Collection & Insights (SURESight℠ database)

  • Planned repairs (Hazard Defender℠)

  • Strategic Restoration work

  • Design-Build System Installation (Eagle’s Beak)

  • Program Management services

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Thank you for your interest in WS Aiken.

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